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August 29-31, 2016
Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida

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  • International Security Cooperation Content PackageInternational Security Cooperation Content Package
    We have take our top performing content and put them into one easy to read PDF - Plus there is a New Bonus Interview with LTC Tyler Faulk, that has just been released in this content package.  Make sure to download today!
  • It Takes a Coalition to Train Iraqi ArmyIt Takes a Coalition to Train Iraqi Army
    Teaching a country’s military how to defend itself has become an international operation. In fact - Operation Inherent Resolve involves a coalition of nations that includes NATO partners like Britain, France and the Netherlands as well as Persian Gulf states like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. To learn more about this mission - Read more in this article.


  • The Many Fronts of the Middle East: A look into the political-military landscapeThe Many Fronts of the Middle East: A look into the political-military landscape
    As the former Assistant Secretary of State of Political Military Affairs Shapiro knows all too well about situations in the Middle East. He sits down with us to discuss what needs to be done concerning security relationships with partners, foreign military sales challenges that must be overcome in the region, who or what might “fill the vacuum” after ISILs defeat, and more!
  • The Rapid Resupply: Addressing Foreign Military SalesThe Rapid Resupply: Addressing Foreign Military Sales
    In this interview with LTC Tyler Faulk, Recent Branch Chief at the Security Assistance Office in Afghanistan and now stationed in the National Capital Region, US Army. He discusses some of the near term goals for ANDSF that are difficult in meeting, the concept of “Combat FMS,” challenges facing Foreign Military Sales, and why Foreign Military Sales an acquisition system, and not a supply system.

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  • HereHere's who buys the most weapons from the U.S.
    With the end of the U.S. arms embargo, Vietnam will join a long list of international recipients of American armaments.The U.S. is responsible for nearly 33% of worldwide exports -- by far the top arms exporter on the planet -- but which countries does the U.S. sell the most weapons to? Find out with this article by CNN.


  • Next Generation Technology - Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)Next Generation Technology - Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)
    Capt. Vincent Martinez, USN is the DOD Deputy Manager, and EOD Technology Commanding Officer at the NSWC Indian Head EOD Technology Division. In this presentation he discusses EOD tools of the past, present and future, current and emerging situations such as unmanned platforms, innovation challenges and what is needed to upgrade armor.
  • Enabling ARSOF Mission Command Through C5IEnabling ARSOF Mission Command Through C5I
    COL Chris Eubank, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, speaks about the goals of the ARSOF, thoughts on mission command from senior leaders, the ARSOF SIE strategic plan, the SOF information environment (SIE) from a strategical, operational and tactical standpoint, and the SOF-CF mission command and interdependence.


  • TIDEX 2015 – SWORD DemonstrationTIDEX 2015 – SWORD Demonstration
    Technology Innovation Division exercise of the TIDEX15 SWORD, which aims to enhance the lethality and survivability of the soldier by bringing fire control capability to the individual soldier and weapon.
  • Colt Marine Pistol - Model O1070CQBP Colt Marine Pistol - Model O1070CQBP
    A quick showcase of the Colt Marine Pistol - Model O1070CQBP. Get and up close look at its attributes and design.
  • Colt Rifle Legacy Colt Rifle Legacy
    A quick look at the Colt Rifle Legacy. The rifle is showcased to give you a closer look at its attributes and design.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

  • Exclusive Interview with CDR Clay PendergrassExclusive Interview with CDR Clay Pendergrass
    “There is no problem today in the world that can be solved by one nation alone, and from counter-narcotics, human trafficking, or counterterrorism, partner nations work together,” said CDR Clay Pendergrass. Pendergrass, the Commanding Officer at NAVSCIATTS, tells us how students graduate equipped with the skills necessary to solve these global issues in this exclusive interview.

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  • Emerging Chinese challenges relevant to SpecOpsEmerging Chinese challenges relevant to SpecOps
    Richard Fisher, Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, discusses the Asian theater in this past presentation. A dominant concern in the area; A dominant concern in the area should be the preparation for a range of contingencies with China. Even into the 2020s, you will be meeting the PLA around the world...
  • SOCOM inventory overviewSOCOM inventory overview
    Colonel Imre Porklab of NATO, Brigadier General Gerald E. Otterbein of AFSOC, LTC Pete Shull of SASOC and Richard Fisher, Senior Fellow Asian Military Affairs, International Assessment and Strategy Center refresh our memories of some of the top unmanned, fixed and rotary winged aircraft, surface and subsea maritime vessels and ground vehicles that were in the the 2014 inventory.