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August 29-31, 2016
Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida

Sponsors & Exhibitors


Red Hen Systems


Red Hen Systems is rapidly bridging dynamic markets from conservation to energy, from military to transportation, and from utilities to satellite imagery. We go beyond basic data collection and GIS image applications by providing customized mapping software and hardware for digital video and audio; servicing, educating, and training a variety of clients in relevant GIS markets.



Headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area, 3Vesta, LLC is a joint venture partnership that focuses on transforming the IT capabilities of  its Defense and Homeland Security customers by:

• Advancing technology by building innovative, elastic systems
• Implementing new strategies to combat cyber threats
• Improving security postures and protecting communications

3Vesta pushes information to desktops and mobile device users at the edge of a warzone or at the forefront of public safety.

Gemini Technologies


Gemini II Technologies exists to protect and serve the homeland. We believe that every client deserves unbiased, independent guidance that yields tangible results. We deliver this guidance with 50+ combined years of government, military and business development experience.

Our philosophy and passion to protect the homeland guides our desire to develop and then deliver the best technical solutions to the federal government.  We want to represent the “best of the best” in each vertical within information technology.



ISHPI works in concert with other defenders of the Homeland to fortify national preparedness, agility, strength and advantage in the cyber domain – a readiness state we refer to as an i-Holistic CyberStance™. Using our integrated i-Holistic™ service solutions fortified with CyberSmithed™ and ActiveDefense™ processes, we weave the armor and forge the weapons that enable our clients to maintain a dominating i-Holistic CyberStance™ – always ready to Anticipate, Defend, Exploit and Attack in the Cyber domain. Our Information Operations group, our CMMI Dev/5 appraised Advanced Information Services group, our C5ISR Engineering & Technical Services group, and our (ISC)² OTP Training & Consulting business groups work in unison to provide experienced people, proven processes, technology, advice and leadership to enable full spectrum Cyber capability



EMC DSSD D5 “The fastest Dense & Shared Flash Appliance Anywhere”
The demand for mission-critical applications to provide faster, more insightful results derived from larger and more varied data sets continues to increase. Current storage architectures such as all-flash arrays and direct-attached PCIe flash have significant constraints and cannot satisfy this demand. A new approach to storage is needed that removes the bottlenecks for next-generation analytics.
Rack-scale flash shared storage makes large flash capacities available to rack servers at the lowest possible latency. EMC® DSSDTM takes advantage of a new NAND flash-centric architecture in combination with enterprise-grade reliability and availability, as well as native connectivity to both traditional and next-generation applications to provide ultra-fast shared flash storage.
EMC’s DSSD D5 is specifically designed to provide game changing performance for IO intensive workloads; Biometrics/Forensics/Cyber/Crypto/ISR/Hadoop/etc...
High Performance Computing & Analytics:
•   Up to 105TB useable shared flash storage in 5U (can be stacked)
•   Combines the performance of local PCI flash with the operational efficiency and flexibility of shared storage
•   Applications access data directly via PCI DMA, bypassing the inherent latency of the traditional IO and OS stack
•   Delivers 10M+ 4K random read IOPS
•   50GB/s+ bandwidth
•   Less than 100µs latency
•   Apps connect via Native API as well as block

Stevens Aviation


Stevens Aviation is one of the leading aviation services company in the US and the only firm with a balance of major corporate aviation services and military aircraft maintenance and mod services.

For more than 56 years, Stevens Aviation has been committed to making its customers successful. Stevens provides factory authorized services for Phenom, Bombardier and Piaggio aircraft and FAR145 authorized services on Raytheon, Citations, Beechcraft and other aircraft.

Stevens Aviation is a diversified aircraft service provider offering expertise in the areas of: aircraft maintenance, modification and refurbishment, aircraft sales, aircraft management, flight services, and fixed base operations.

We are proud of the people that make up Stevens Aviation and they are proud to be a part of aviation history.

Reload Gun Range


Reload Gun Range is a 60,000SF State of the Art Indoor Shooting Range and Firearm Retail Destination located in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Equipped with a Virtra 300 degree simulator which is 100 yard range - (rated up to 50bmg simulator) gives a  realistic training scenario’s in 300 degrees.  Real firearms are used with the firing pin removed and a laser inserted which is what the camera system reads and the magazine is an air cartridge that provides actual recoil to the firearm.  To up the reality factor you can wear a Taser pack that if you get shot it tases you to instill the fear factor and make the simulation as real as possible.  Scenarios range from target shooting, to movie theaters, courthouses, and military bases, etc.